Hello my dear!

If you wanna cooperate with me, you can find my e-mail below "author". Remember, that I won't say "HELL YES" when product is "HEAVENS NO" or "PURGATORY MAYBE". All opinions on my blog are my own! That's why I see sense in what I'm doing. Oh, and remember. I'm interested in cosmetics, clothes, so don't send me e-mails like: "Do you wanna test our new tampons?".

If you needed some examples of my make up, you wanted me to test your products, here you can see my skills! My Photos

What you should know?
 I'll do complete review with every detail of your product.
I'll use my own photos.
I'll write what I think, no what you want me to write.
I'm TOTALLY honest, in every way.
I'll do creative post, not only "OH THEY SENT ME THIS AND THIS"

If after this all you are in my rules still, my e-mail box is open for you!


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